RENI PANI JUNGLE LODGE – Luxury Forest Resort

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Resort Highlights

Luxury Cottages & Tents
Multi cuisine restaurant
Swimming pool
Indoor & outdoor games
Nature walk


Reni Pani Jungle Lodge welcome visitors to a truly regal accommodation, amid heritage settings. Everything from the luxurious ambiance to the recreational facilities and services

Distance From Safari Gates

Safari’s take off during early mornings and afternoons, and the park offers diffrent zones. Each zone has its unique charms. While a sighting of tigers may just be one blink-of-an-eye away, visitors will best enjoy their safaris.

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    About Resort

    Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, located in a pristine forest typical of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, gets its interesting name from a neighbouring tribal village. Reni Pani features twelve luxury cottages encompassing three distinct architectural designs. Decked with elegance and impeccable interiors, these plushly crafted cottages are where fine craftsman skills and tasteful design come together to offer a memorable stay inSatpura National Park. Luxury Tents help you enjoy the serenity of nature in the best way possible. At Reni Pani, a jungle lodge near Pachmarhi, experience the best of Satpura National Park accommodations.
    The lodge provides comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and professional guides who help visitors make the most of their wildlife experiences. It offers a unique and immersive experience for nature and wildlife enthusiasts who want to explore the beautiful Satpura region.
    In-house restaurant – Gol Ghar, at Reni Pani Jungle Lodge provides a magical experience for food lovers. Gol Ghar is a popular restaurant in Satpura and is known for its warm & uniquely designed hub with a central fireplace. It also boasts of an immaculately maintained main dining area, bar & lounge. At our jungle lodge near Satpura Reserve, other surprise venues will be used to enhance your experience. Treat your taste buds multi-cuisine platters and some colourful cocktails at our open-air restaurant in Satpura.
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