CHITVAN JUNGLE LODGE – Luxury Wildlife Resort

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Resort Highlights

Luxury Suites & Cottage with sitting area
Surrounded by nature
Multi cuisine restaurant
Swimming pool
Conference Hall
Indoor & outdoor games
Wildlife library
Nature walk


Chitvan Jungle Lodge welcome visitors to a truly regal accommodation, amid heritage settings. Everything from the luxurious ambiance to the recreational facilities and services

Distance From Safari Gates

Safari’s take off during early mornings and afternoons, and the park offers diffrent zones. Each zone has its unique charms. While a sighting of tigers may just be one blink-of-an-eye away, visitors will best enjoy their safaris.

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    About Resort

    Chitvan Jungle Lodge is a popular wildlife resort located in the Kanha National Park, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It offers accommodation and amenities to visitors who come to explore the pristine wilderness and wildlife of the region, especially the Kanha Tiger Reserve.
    The lodge is designed to provide a comfortable and immersive experience in the heart of nature. Guests often choose to stay here when they want to witness the diverse flora and fauna of Kanha National Park, which is renowned for its tiger population and other wildlife species.
    Located next to the organic farms in Chitvan, all Suites have been designed to cater to peace and serenity and have a captivating view of the Maikal Hills lush with Sal trees around them. All suites are named on the basis of five elements of nature. JAL means Water. It also represents emotion. The emotion of flowing away. Sometimes water can be playful, jumpy and limitless. The colors scheme in these suites are also mirroring the same thought. From light blues to dark blues with earthy colors to provide base to the whole color scheme.
    From grains, vegetables, cooking oil, spices to milk products whatever is dished up is purely organic! Harvested in their organic farms the food reaching your taste buds is nutritionally rich. Unfermented and prepared right in front of your eyes!

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